Who Is The Holy Spirit PDF Print E-mail

Christians need the power that comes with the baptism in the Spirit in order to do their part in continuing the supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ.Jesus promised the belivers that they would do greater works than he(John14;12).How can this be done unless the Holy Spirit is with us as he was with Jesus.Truly the church today needs the power that comes through the Holy Spirit to minister to a troubled world.


The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is God.(Acts 5:3,4).The Holy Spirit is not a it or a something told me.He is a person .he even has feelings (Ephesians 4;30),a infinite knowledge(Romans 8:26,27) He wills and He speaks (Acts 13:2, John 16:13)these are just a few attributes.The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit Of Truth (John 16:13).he always speaks truth.