The Father Has No Favorites PDF Print E-mail


It was a great comfort to my heart when I realized that the Father has no favorites, that all the children have their own place in his heart. He loves each one of them even as he loves the Lord Jesus. Jesus said, "That the world may never know, that thou lovedst them even as thou lovedst me." We all have the same redemption. The work that he wrought in Christ absolutely destroyed the power of the enemy, and now redeems every person who will accept Christ as Savior and confess him as Lord.

That redemption is from the works of the adversary and from his dominion over our lives. Everyone has the same righteousness. No one has a better righteousness, or more righteousness. Righteousness comes through the New Creation. When we are born again, we receive the life and nature of God, the Father. His nature makes us Righteous. No one has more of it than another. All who receive his nature have come into the family and are recognized as the sons and daughters of the great father-God.

Everyone has the same rights in the family. Each one may have a different gift, but the gift does not make him any dearer to the heart of the father. Everyone has the same love nature, the same great Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. Each one has the right to the same kind of fellowship with the Father. Each one has the right to the authority invested in that name to deliver people from the dominion of Satan, to heal the sick, and to cast out demons. The Father has no favorites. The closer your fellowship is with the Father, the sweeter and richer your life will be.