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Thursday, 19 May 2011 13:41

When Adam transgressed against God's commandment and the curse came upon the earth, sickness entered the world as a result of that curse.  The Bible declares that Jesus is the Last Adam and that He came to restore all that the first Adam lost and that is not just salvation from our sins but it is also full redemption for our body, soul and spirit.  Simply put; Jesus died for our physical healing.


We have way to much sickness in the body of Christ.  Too many sufferring for a debt Jesus paid.  A debt that was paid in full for us through His stripes, the cross and His ressurection.


You may say, "well God will heal if it is His will."  Let's ask a question right here.  Whose will is better, God's or yours.  If your smart you said God's will is better.  You see, we go to doctors because we want to be well.  Nobody in their right mind wants to be sick so when sickness hits our bodies, we go off to the doctor because we don't want to be sick and if we don't go to the doctor, we pump our bodies full of medications to help us get better.  Why?  Because we have a desire to be well.


Our going to the doctor or taking medication is in act of our will toward getting healed.  To say God will heal if it's His will is a prideful statement.  If you don't believe God wants your well, then don't go to the doctor because you don't want to get out of the will of God.  To say God will heal if it is His will and then to turn around and go to the doctor is saying essentially that your will is better than God's will and that somehow a God that paid so high a price for your healing doesn't somehow love you enough or want what's best for you enough to heal you.


Here at Emmanuel Church, we believe that God wants you well and that Jesus paid a price with stripes on His back for your complete and total healing.  If you are in need of healing, the come to Emmanuel and let the Word of God saturate you driving out all sickness and disease and bringing you into health and wholeness.

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